Who We Are

We exist at Living Water Church to transform individuals and our community through the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Every person connected to Living Water is on a mission to help accomplish that task. To do that, we believe we all need to grow as individuals. We do our best to encourage each believer to grow through 3 primary directives:

1. A Strong Personal Relationship with God
If any of us are going to grow, we must be actively cultivating a personal relationship with God. We can't grow in any relationship with another person on earth without spending time connecting with them. The same holds true in our relationship with God. It is imperative that every person spend time reading the Bible for themselves, praying, and worshiping on a regular basis. We encourage all people to invite God into every area of their lives. 

2. Authentic Relationships with other BelieversGod created us for relationship. We aren't meant to live this life alone. That means we need connection with Him and it means we need connection with other believers. If we're going to grow and accomplish the mission that God has given us, we must do it together. We encourage every person to have real relationships with other people in the church. This goes far beyond just greeting each other on Sunday morning. We want to live life with one another, pray with one another, eat with one another, share struggles and victories with one another, love one another...you get the point. 

3. ServiceGod has not called us to sit back and let the world dictate the vision for our families, our communities, or our nation. We are called to be active in helping to change the culture and show love to our neighbors. We are not called to only take in God's love, but to pour it out on the world around us. We will strive to be the most giving church, not only in our finances, but in our time and our talent. We believe we've been blessed by God so that we can be a blessing to the world around us. We encourage every person who attends Living Water to find a place to serve inside the church and in the community. We know through experience that when we serve, God partners with us, and things really do change. Let's transform the world together!

What denomination is Living Water Church affiliated with?

Living Water Church is a member of the IPHC (International Pentecostal Holiness Church) and is part of the River of Life Conference. You can learn more about this fellowship of churches by visiting www.iphc.org or www.rolmiphc.com.

What are the advantages of affiliating with the IPHC? 

Being a part of the IPHC allows us to identify with other Christians around the world who are known for their commitment to the Bible and power of the Holy Spirit. Through the IPHC, our church is able to participate in one of the fastest growing missionary organizations in the world and help support missionaries in countries around the world. Even though IPHC is a truly global organization, we are still connected to our local conference to help us with training, widening our fellowship, and to partner with us to plant more life giving churches in Western Pennsylvania.